6 04 2009

i cant update this blog for somedays… because my computer is broken and all the stuff i use are on that computer.. i will try to update this blog as i have some difficuilties because im using a laptop .. i will be back… u can catch me on chobots..
-Cotunbol- ^_^ any comments abt this?


Moderator Bets Cotunbol for 5000 Bugs!

8 03 2009

Canab bets me today! he said if i win.. he will give me 5000 bugs! and if i lose i need to paint (all) of the palm trees in Chobots!
And Luckily.. he was stuck on the middle of the game! and after a while he got offline and never returned! some people say he scammed! but anyways.. i think i should get extra 5000 bugs for canab doing it! so that equals 10,000! lol .. here are the pictures!
moderator-bets-cotunbol-1 Cotunbol
Comment plz! ^_^


7 03 2009

Guys.. i mean chobots! .. there are some Moderation Bad Word List Problems!.. like last few days.. Coming was a bad word… but its not! it was on the bad word list.. so today i said a word like coming! .. and my chat went out for 12 hours! i told canab to fix it.. but i forgot to tell him one letter .. so he removed a wrong word from the bad list and he tried to say it! and lol ..
look what it ended up!  we both were like this :P!!!

LOADS money i got … yeah!

6 03 2009

i got laods money by playing games!
here are the proof!




COMMENT UP PPL!! yeah! ^_^


Chobots can FLY HIGH soon!

6 03 2009

well chobots can fly soon…
here are the sketches


Agent HQ Coming Soon

6 03 2009

Whoa! This is the Agents’ Headquarters!! For agents only. It’s unbelievable but the agents will have the possibility to travel from one city to another without relogining.
Chopix statue will be placed in the middle of the park soon. What’s more, there’ll be a clock that shows Chobots time. LOL!!!
What’s that?? Have you noticed, the ground around the statue is made of glass? And there can be seen something.
Wow! This is agents headquarters!! It’s located under the ground 


New Suits

6 03 2009

new suits came!
new-clothes new-clothes-for-citizens